2015 LX and Beyond Nationals All Mopar Car Show Results

July 23, 2015


2015 LX & Beyond Nationals at National Trail Raceway |
All Mopar Car Show Results:

Overall Best of Show & Go – Grand Prize
#735 – Neichaun Tatum (’13 Challenger)

Best of Show Dodge Challenger
#702 – Sean and Boni Murphy (’14 Challenger ME)

Best of Show Dodge Charger
#734 – Rich Sprinzl (’12 Charger SRT)

Best of Show Chrysler 300
#708 – Todd Larsh (’05 300 SRT)

Best of Show Dodge Magnum
#747 –

Best of Show Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
#718 –

Best of Show Compact Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Plymouth
#745 – Bryant Applegate (’13 200 S)

Best of Show Other Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Plymouth
#707 –


LX & Beyond Top 10 Choice Awards

# 726 – Teri Williams (’05 Magnum RT)
# 744 – Todd Roberts (’06 300 SRT)
# 731 – Gary Sheldon (’12 Charger RT)
# 729 – Mindy Sheldon (’14 Challenger RT)
# 736 – Mike McHugh (’12 Charger SRT)
# 709 – Dan McDonald (’08 300 SRT Design)
# 724 – Jeff Jazbec (’09 Challenger RT)
# 742 – Johnathon Slaughter (’14 Charger)
# 738 – Daren Elosh (’06 Jeep SRT)
# 720 – Jamie Sample (’11 Challenger RT)


Best Paint & Finish
#742 – Johnathon Slaughter (’14 Charger)

Best Engine (Visual)
#724 – Jeff Jazbec (’09 Challenger RT)

Best Interior
#720 – Jamie Sample (’11 Challenger RT)

Best Female Ride
#735 – Neichaun Tatum (’13 Challenger)

Best Sound Presentation (Fabrication)
#724 – Jeff Jazbec (’09 Challenger RT)

Best ICE (In Car Entertainment/Electronics)
#708 – Todd Larsh (’05 300 SRT)

Best Lighting
#720 – Jamie Sample (’11 Challenger RT)

Best Club/Team Participation
Central Ohio LX Club

Long Distance Award
#704 – George Milosavich (’05 Magnum RT) – 2294 miles (33hrs)

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2015 LX and Beyond Nationals Race Results

July 22, 2015


2015 LX & Beyond Nationals at National Trail Raceway | Blue Collar Performance / Modern Street Hemi Shootout Results:

East Coast Moparts Pentastar Bracket Class
W: Dan Yost (’07 300 SRT) – 13.332, 98.18 (13.46 dial).
R/U: Todd Roberts (’06 300 SRT) – foul.
Semi’s: Patrick Zabst.

Hemituner Performance Street Class
W: Ken Schauer (’07 Charger) – 12.523, 109.02 (12.50 dial).
R/U: Ben Maniaci (’07 Charger) – 12.362, 106.17 (12.50 dial).
Semi’s: John Govenettio.

LegMaker Intakes Super Stock Class
W: Bill McFadden (’07 Magnum) – 11.461, 118.71 (11.50 dial).
R/U: Jeremy Webb (’09 Jeep SRT) – 11.400, 117.05 (11.50 dial).
Semi’s: Greg Colum.

Speedlogix Modified Class
W: Guy Dalton (’05 Magnum) – 10.515, 119.33 (10.50 dial).
R/U: Justin Skudder (’06 Charger) – 10.783, 127.50 (10.50 dial).
Semi’s: Wendy Robertson; John Burleson.

ThiTek PRO Class
W: Marcus Hughes (’06 Jeep SRT) – 10.565, 137.02 (9.50 dial).
R/U: Greg Davies (’06 Magnum) – 10.804, 136.07 (9.50 dial).
Semi’s: Salvatore Iovino; Brian Brunt.

Demon Performance Super PRO Class
W: Jimmy Koutsoubis (’07 Jeep SRT) – 9.548, 146.89.
R/U: John Glass (’09 Challenger) – broke.

Speedlogix Dodge Hellcat Shootout
W: Jamie Collingwood (’15 Hellcat) – 11.324, 123.17.
R/U: Bill Cherry (’15 Hellcat) – 11.282, 122.67.
Semi’s: Linda Tout.

Stage 6 Motorsports King of the Hill
W: Jimmy Koutsoubis (’07 Jeep SRT) – 9.501, 150.31 (9.31 dial).
R/U: Marcus Hughes (’06 Jeep SRT) – 9.688, 142.12 (9.75 dial).
Semi’s: Dan Yost.

King of True Street Winner – Jimmy Koutsoubis – (’07 Jeep SRT) – 9.568

True Street ET Winners
11.0 – Geoff Bracken () – 11.189
12.0 – Katie Tout (’10 Challenger SRT) – 12.017
13.0 – Josh Winkler (’15 Challenger SRT) – 13.041
14.0 – Jenny Bargar (’10 Challenger) – 14.512
15.0 – Andy McPeck (’08 300) – 15.076

Billet Technology and East Coast Moparts First Timer Award
Salvador Iovino (’09 Challenger)

High Horse Performance Best Reaction Time
John Burleson (’05 Magnum) – .053

John Lewis Hard Luck Award
Brian Brunt (’07 Jeep SRT) – broke.

Rich Wesley Smallest Margin of Victory Award
Ken Schauer (’07 Charger) – .0022

Blue Collar Performance Best ET Award
Jimmy Koutsoubis (’07 Grand Cherokee) – 9.3

Nitrous Outlet Best 60 Foot Award
Marcus Hughes (’06 Jeep SRT) – 1.48

DTP Racing Hellcat Challenge Award
Linda Tout (’15 Hellcat) – 10.94

Stell Sav Twin Win Award
**No Twin Win/Carry Over

Speedy’s Garage 6 Speed Bonus Award
**No 6 Speed Class Win/Carry Over

Cameron Lawrence, #1 Dodge Challenger Driver at LX and Beyond Nationals

July 9, 2015


2015 LX & Beyond Nationals is looking forward to having Cameron Lawrence, professional race car driver, Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona winner and two-time Trans Am Champion, and pilot of the Miller Racing Team, #1 Dodge Challenger SRT in attendance at the LX & Beyond Nationals in Hebron, OH on Saturday, July 18, 2015. We are honored to have him as part of the Mopar Family, representing the Dodge Brand and SRT Motorsports. We hear that he is planning to bring a special ride to #LXBN8. Stay tuned!

In 2013, Cameron Lawrence won eight of ten races in the Trans Am Series and finished second in the other two races of the season. That year for Miller Racing will go down as one of the best years for any team in the venerable history of the Trans Am Series. It started with a great win at Sebring and ended with a win at Daytona. Cameron’s point total of 210 was 106 points ahead of the second place finishers in the series. Cameron won eight pole position starts and led the most laps in six of the ten races. The Miller Racing ended the season with eight wins and six total podium finishes for a total of fourteen podiums and the Trans Am TA2 Championship. As a result, Cameron became the youngest Champion in the history of Trans Am. In his spare time he graduated from University of Central Florida with a major in Business and a minor in Marketing this past Spring. 

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True Street Competition Returns to 2015 LX and Beyond

July 5, 2015


True Street Competition Returns for 2015!

In addition to the Modern Street Hemi Shootout Series we will once again be hosting one of the most popular drag racing classes in the country, an LXBN True Street Class. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran racer, with a bone stock or heavily modified car this is an event that nearly every LXBN participant can enjoy. You will be racing for consistency without going over ET.

This race class is for true street cars which are registered, licensed and insured street vehicles and able to drive over a 30-mile distance, then return to the race venue for a cool-down and make 3 quarter-mile passes down the drag strip. All model years and engines types and power adders permitted. MUST BE CHRYSLER BODY AND POWERED. This is a Mopar event so there will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

Class is designed for stock-chassis vehicles running true 10.5-inch wide tires. RACING SLICKS PROHIBITED

There will be trophies and awards for not only the “King of True Street” (quickest average), and runner up but also for the following: closest averaged ET that is not quicker than the following: 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 14.00, and 15.00.

LXBN True Street Class Purse:

Winner:    $ 250 + 6’ Trophy

Runner-Up:    $ 100 + Plaque

Other Winners:    $ 100 + Plaque to 10-, 11-, 12-, 13-, 14-, 15-second winners

Cruise is mandatory in the time allotted for competition. Any vehicle unable to complete the road tour under its own power, within the allotted time, will be disqualified from racing.

After the vehicles return from the road tour, they will return directly to the designated staging lanes for a cool-down period. They may not change tires. The cool-down period will typically last between 15-45 minutes. During this cool down period only, entrants may adjust tire pressure (add or remove tire pressure), install fresh nitrous bottles, install ice in their intercooler, (only if located in trunk, rear hatch or rear seat area). A VERY STRICT CLOSED HOOD POLICY WILL BE IN EFFECT UNTIL A COMPETITOR HAS COMPLETED HIS OR HER THREE BACK TO BACK PASSES.

Engines must remain turned off during entire cool-down period. External cooling of engine by any means (cold water, outdoor fans, etc.) prohibited. Any engine changes, repairs, or adjustments (changing rocker arms, carburetor adjustments, etc.) prohibited. Changing of tires prohibited.

Tire pressure may be checked in the staging lanes, or between rounds, and may be lowered. Air may not be added to tires any time during the back-to-back passes after the first pass down the quarter-mile and fresh nitrous bottles, fuel, and ice may not be installed/replenished.

All vehicles are required to make three full passes in order to be included in the final average ET tally. All vehicles must run three passes in the same order as the first pass. After passes are completed, each racer’s ET’s will be added together and divided by 3.

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2015 All Mopar Car Show Classes: LX and Beyond Nationals

May 22, 2015


The LX & Beyond Nationals will be hosting its annual All Mopar Car Show on Saturday, July 18, 2015 from 10am – 5pm at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio. This year we partnered with the Mario Knapp Memorial Car Show being held on Sunday, July 19 and any prepaid entry for LXBN8 will receive a FREE entry to that event. Entry fees to be donated to Royalty Dog Rescue.

$25 Entry Fee (Pre-Registered) / $35 Entry Fee (At the Gate) – Covers Driver and (1) passenger

Eligible participant vehicles

  • Any vehicle with a Chrysler-powered engine.

Vehicle Make Competitions

  • Overall Best of Show & Go – Grand Prize

This is awarded to the car that not only looks good standing still but also performs on the drag strip. Any racing participant that intends to compete for this award should declare their participation upon arrival at the event in order to have vehicle judged prior to racing. It is not necessary to win the racing class that you participate in. It is required to make at least one pass on the drag strip to be eligible for this category (No Exceptions) *Combination of Racing Performance and Show Results*

  • Best of Show Challenger (Weekend / Daily Driver)
  • Best of Show Charger (Weekend / Daily Driver)
  • Best of Show 300 (Weekend / Daily Driver)
  • Best of Show Magnum (Weekend / Daily Driver)
  • Best of Show Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 (Weekend / Daily Driver)
  • Best of Show Compact – Dart /SRT4-Neon / Caliber (Weekend / Daily Driver)
  • Best of Show Other Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Plymouth (Weekend / Daily Driver)

This is awarded to the vehicle with the best overall balance of quality for their respective classification. It should be truly different and stand out from the crowd. The paint should have the cleanest finish of any vehicle on the show field. Engine should have some visual modification. Stance of vehicle should be non-stock, and/or wheels should complement the overall appearance. Interior should also have some modification.


  • Weekend Driver = WD

To compete in Weekend Driver classification, the vehicle must average less than 12,000 miles/per year

  • Daily Driver = DD

A Daily Driver classification, is a vehicle that averages 12,000 miles/per year or more

LX & Beyond Top 10 Choice Awards

This is awarded to the Top 10 cars that stood out to the experts but did not meet the qualifications for a Best of Show award. This award can be given to any combination of vehicle qualities: all original, low miles, unique modification, etc.

Specialty Awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd Place)

  • Best Paint & Finish

This is awarded to the car that has the best quality paint job i.e. no chips, orange peel, dull spots fading, etc. The paint should have the cleanest finish of any vehicle on the show field. The paint must be finished throughout the entire vehicle including the door and trunk jambs and of course the engine bay. The paint color and quantity of colors is not a factor for earning this award.

  • Best Engine (Visual)

This category awards the overall presentation of the engine, which includes polished / chromed parts, powder coated parts, color-coated hoses, and most importantly the cleanliness and presentation of the entire engine bay. Such factors as wire tucks and shaved engine bays will also play a determining factor, your Engines performance abilities have no bearing in this category.

  • Best Interior

This award is presented to the person who has customized their interior following a specific theme. Interior themes could include a one which will consists of many rare parts from overseas or show car theme which may include lots of fiberglass to hold audio and video components. The use of exotic materials and original ideas will also be taken into consideration for this award.

  • Best Female Ride

To be eligible for this award, the vehicle must be driven into the venue by the vehicle’s female owner, and the car must be registered for the show under her name. It is also IMPERITIVE that she presents her car to the expert at the show. Experts are not only examining the workmanship that went into the vehicle, but we are examining her knowledge about the vehicle too.

Audio/Video Award (1st, 2nd, 3rd Place)

  • Sound Presentation (Fabrication)

This is awarded to the person with the cleanest, most customized stereo install. This includes speakers, head-units, amps, and overall installation of the stereo equipment. It’s not the quantity of equipment, but the quality of the install that concerns the experts. Does the install include custom fiberglass painted enclosures? Are the components highlighted with lighting? Are all wires neatly wrapped up and out of sight? Does the overall fabrication and custom work match the car’s theme? The creativity and uniqueness of installation also plays a large factor in deciding this award.

  • Best ICE (In Car Entertainment) (Fabrication)

ICE examines non-stereo equipment. Some examples of ICE would include: multiple TV’s, gaming systems, computers, navigation, cameras, and interior lighting. Most importantly experts are looking for unique features, such as unusual locations for televisions, hidden gaming systems in armrests, multiple screens with multiple functions, and smooth clean installs.

Vehicle Presentation (1st, 2nd, 3rd Place)

  • Best (Lighting) Display

This is awarded to the vehicle with the most detailed exterior lighting display. Exterior lighting would include: spot lights, rope lights, neon, strobes, track lighting, and any other lighting equipment to enhance the exterior presentation and display of the vehicle. It is not the quantity of lighting, but rather how the lighting is used to better the presentation of your vehicle that will earn you the chance to win this award.

Club/Team Awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd Place)

  • Club/Team Participation

(Professionalism of the club/team members and how they represent themselves and their cars at the show)

Club/Team members should be at the show for its entire duration. The members should be wearing club attire, such as: t-shirts and/or ball caps. This award is for the club/team who entertains the crowd for the duration of the show, with such features as: music, lighting and interactive activities to keep the crowd drawn to your organizations vehicles.

  • All vehicles should be on display for the entire day
  • Team must be competing and attending (5 Vehicle Minimum)

People’s Choice Awards (1st Place)

  • Long Distance Award

This is awarded to the person that drives the longest distance in their own vehicle to the event. In the event of a tie, driving time based on evaluation of Google Maps will be used to determine winner.

General Rules

  • Vehicle to be judged must be owned by the presenter.
  • Entry must be made prior to the stated deadline.
  • All competing vehicles must be driven onto the show field.


  • Vehicle trailers are not allowed in the show field due to space confinements.
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Modern Mopar Magazine Live Interview with LX and Beyond Nationals

May 11, 2015

Just a reminder that Anthony Carter from the LX & Beyond Nationals will be interviewed by Modern Mopar Magazine live tomorrow night, May 12th at 9pm EST discussing the event. How it all got started, what to expect this summer and what to expect in the future? Be sure to tune in and the app/site has a chat feature that allows listeners to ask questions and comment throughout the interview.

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Not All About Going Fast: Car Show Too at LX and Beyond Nationals

April 24, 2015


Over the years, LX & Beyond Nationals has evolved and changed as the interests of its participants have changed. 8 years ago we started off as a car show in the middle of a restaurant parking lot, bringing like-minded people together with a passion for their Modern Mopar and meeting others that have that same passion. Our family has grown from the handful of enthusiasts in the Columbus and nearby cities of Cleveland, Dayton and Cincinnati. Now our family extends in all directions from the Southern Coast of California, the eastern coast of Florida and New Jersey, southern border of Arizona and Texas and as far north as Brampton, Ontario, Canada. We love going fast and seeing others push the envelope making their LX cars go fast. After resisting the urge for many years we caught the racing bug too and joined in on the fun.

Car Show Awards

We also like to see the show cars on display. Whether it is the early beginnings of a masterpiece or a seasoned veteran build, BRING IT, share your work. Who knows you just might catch the eye of a magazine photographer looking for a story to write or vendor looking to showcase new product. It has happened more than once at LX & Beyond Nationals. There is no arguing that Chrysler and the designers like Ralph Gilles, Mark Trostle and Klaus Busse created a blank canvas to express your originality. We want to let you know the car show portion of LXBN is here to stay and we are working on some guest judges to make it interesting. Don’t forget to register early and save some money before the event.



It’s a meet and greet too! Bring your pop-ups, folding chairs and a good pair of walking shoes.

~LXBN Staff


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Summer Celebration Time – 2015 LX and Beyond Nationals

April 21, 2015


Time is quickly running out to get registered for the 8th Annual LX & Beyond Nationals on Saturday July 18, 2015 at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, OH. Year after year this event continues to grow and we look for ways to make it a fun and enjoyable weekend for everyone. Registration is open and available online at see you soon!!! Check out the new website.


�  This event is open to all Chrysler/Dodge LX/LC/LD/LA platform vehicle owners.

�  This includes 300s, Challengers, Chargers and Magnums.

�  We have also opened the Car Show Events to ALL MOPAR.

�  Pre-registered and registration at the gate will be permitted.

�  This is a public event. Spectators are welcome.


�  The Saturday event will run from 8:00AM-5:00PM.

�  Racing participants please arrive NO EARLIER than 8:00 and NO LATER than 11:00!

�  If you wish to park by friends or as a club, you will need to arrive together!

�  You MUST park where you are directed and there will be no saving spaces.

�  Place your registration sticker on the passenger side windshield.

�  This event will take place rain or shine -come prepared for both.

�  Visit the National Trail Raceway website for driving directions.


�  Modern Street Hemi Shootout Series returns to Ohio for Stop #3 of the racing series.

�  MSHS is open to all Chrysler/Dodge LX/LC/LD platform vehicle owners.

�  Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is an exception -no other vehicles allowed in MSHS (unless powered by Gen-III HEMI)

�  All Mopar Judged Car Show -All Mopars Welcome. Go to for details

�  More classes may be added based on pre-registration and attendance

�  True Street Competition -Must be Chrysler-powered and Chrysler-bodied vehicle (No Exceptions)

�  True Street: (Cash + Trophy) Winner, Runner-up, 15-Sec, 14-Sec, 13-Sec, 12-Sec, 11-Sec, 10-Sec


Our primary host hotel is The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Newark. We have established a discount rate and availability for you: The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Newark at 50 North 2nd Street, Newark, OH 43055

Tel: 740-322-6455 Contact: Call hotel directly Room Rate: $109 Thu-Sun Group Code: LXB

***Anyone bringing trailers please contact us for additional details!!!


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Rarely Seen, A Mopar on Street Outlaws on Discovery

March 15, 2015

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Modern Street HEMI Shootout Series: Open Invite to Ralph Gilles and Bring a Hellcat

March 1, 2015


One of the most vocal and visible executives from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Senior Vice President of Product Design, Ralph Gilles has been sent a public and open-invite to attend the Modern Street HEMI Shootout Series, one of the leading Modern Mopar Drag Racing Series in the country, at any or all of their 5 events this summer. Not because they want to discuss the aerodynamic front fascia differences between the Dodge Charger Hellcat and Dodge Challenger Hellcat or the benefit of vented versus slotted rotors. Instead, they would like to meet and drag race with the man behind the “LX” cars (Charger, Challenger, Magnum, 300) that they have enjoyed over the past 10 years. Sure, there have been chances to meet him at car shows but anybody into drag racing will tell you they prefer to be behind the wheel racing or under the hood wrenching any day over sitting in a lawn chair while everyone looks at their car.

2014 LX and Beyond Nationals – Credit: Jamie Collingwood

If you are into performance and drag racing and never heard of the Modern Street HEMI Shootout Series, please allow us to help you lift that rock you have been living under the past 5 years and enlighten you about the Modern Mopar racing and performance community that is out there. Modern Street HEMI Shootout Series (#MSHSseries) began in 2010 in Bradenton, FL and was developed by Mopar enthusiasts from the Midwest and East Coast (OH, NY, NJ, FL) with strong ties to online forum communities (, and, and a love for making their Modern Mopar go faster, led by co-founder Daniel J. VanHorn. These are the guys and girls building and breaking and building again some of the fastest and most powerful Gen 3 HEMI cars in the country (and some still street legal). Majority of the cars making the rounds on YouTube and other websites have run and were developed thru competing in the Modern Street HEMI Shootout Series. Competition is high but the camaraderie and knowledge sharing is amazing. These drivers have taken the “LX” cars (Charger, Challenger, 300, Magnum) and Jeep SRT8 to the edge of the envelope (and often over the edge) to harness every ounce of performance available and it has resonated in many of the performance changes and designs you have seen over the years. Don’t believe us. Where do you think the headlight intake first appeared? Anybody out there seen a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 run 8 seconds in quarter mile? After years of seeing racers tear the interior out of their LX’s where do you think SRT Core vehicles started?

2009 LX and Beyond Nationals – Credit: Lawrence Riggins

In the past Ralph Gilles has been seen at numerous enthusiast events across the country in Detroit, MI; Irvine, CA; and Waldorf, MD so to outsiders not familiar with the Modern Mopar family atmosphere this seems like an unusual request for anybody to want a stuffed shirt, suit and tie executive to be anywhere near their event or think he would bring the most desired Muscle Car in Chrysler’s History to their event. But anybody that has met Ralph Gilles will tell you that he is a down to earth car guy, the suits and ties stay at home and that is why so many people in the Modern Mopar community respect him and listen to him even when they do not like the answer. Rockstar seems almost inappropriate and appropriate at the same time but that is how you would describe him. He is active on social media and talks to enthusiasts, sometimes even liking or reposting their images and comments and feedback. When he arrives at enthusiasts events there is an almost “audible” feeling of excitement and emotions ranging from disbelief its really him to shyness whether or not to say hello to him or ask for an autograph, but as soon as he smiles or waves to the crowd to confirm its really him the hugs, autographs, handshakes and pictures begin to flow and he walks thru the event like the Pied Piper with Modern Mopar fans trailing behind.


2011 Spring Festival of LX

We get it. We have seen it firsthand so we know why Modern Street HEMI Shootout Series staff wants him there and so do we.

So what’s it going to be Ralph? Stay tuned…


See the MSHS staff invitation below:



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